Change history of SVN repository by Jesper Apr 15

Somebody asked me if it’s possible to change history of an SVN repository like you can do in Git. The easiest parts to change are: commit date commit log message With this, you can easily modify time stamps if, for instance, your svn server clock is wrong. Step 1: Modify repository to accept property changes […]

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Easter egg CSS circles by Jesper Mar 29

Easter eggs instead of circles on your CSS. It’s easier than I thought.


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Rewrite author/email in git history by Jesper Jan 21

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After my harddisk crashed and I reinstalled the machine recently, I misconfigured my Git to set EMAIL as email address. This made Git history look horrible, with incorrect email, image. By accident I even wrote an incorrect name at one point.   Note the missing image.   Now it turns out my git repository was full […]

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iPhoto 11 performance tuning tips, revised by Jesper Mar 9

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My iPhoto library with 6000+ family photos was running slow on my macbook. So I looked for performance tuning tips on the net. Here are the adjusted tip, which works for me.   This Apple support  thread mentioned 3 tips: Upgrade RAM Turn off visual bling in overview pages Vacuum iPhoto database file  Could not do […]

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Generate CSS sprite for all world’s flags by Jesper Jun 19

Recently i worked on a project, which had to use flag icons for all flags in the world. The implementation looked like this: css file: .     In order to reduce the number of HTTP requests, I wanted to change it to using CSS sprites instead.   CSS file now has changed to lines […]

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