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iPhoto 11 performance tuning tips, revised by Jesper Mar 9

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My iPhoto library with 6000+ family photos was running slow on my macbook. So I looked for performance tuning tips on the net. Here are the adjusted tip, which works for me.   This Apple support  thread mentioned 3 tips: Upgrade RAM Turn off visual bling in overview pages Vacuum iPhoto database file  Could not do […]

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Generate CSS sprite for all world’s flags by Jesper Jun 19

Recently i worked on a project, which had to use flag icons for all flags in the world. The implementation looked like this: css file: .     In order to reduce the number of HTTP requests, I wanted to change it to using CSS sprites instead.   CSS file now has changed to lines […]

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Git checkout old revisions by date by Jesper Nov 9

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I wanted to do some code stats for a repository. This line checks out old revisions by date and shows code stats: git checkout `git rev-list -n 1 –before=”2012-03-01″ master` Then, I ran cloc to count lines of code: cloc . Its really easy to register the point in time as a git branch so […]

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PhantomJS 1.7 build for Linux 64 bit by Jesper Sep 28

At a project I work on, we needed PhantomJS to run from a Redhat Fedora 64 bit machine. Since phantomJs is just released this week, I needed to build it myself.   I post this link to the binary in case it can benefit others.   PhantomJs 1.7.0 built on Linux Redhat Fedora 64 bit […]

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Forgotten Subversion Commands, Undo, Merge Branches and More by Jesper Jun 28

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In a current project I use a lot of Subversion (svn) from the command-line. Subversion recently has lost terrain to Git for several reasons. But actually, svn is capable of doing many of the things I love from Git. Here are some less known commands I find extremely helpful.   Undo last commit svn merge […]

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