Git tip to remove remote branches already merged by Jesper Aug 25

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Let’s talk about source control and an efficient way of using Git. I like the projects where you have a `master` branch and a few feature branches, which are actively being worked upon. Only a few branches are present at a given time, and this is less confusing for the contributors in the repository. A […]

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Ruby make list minimum length by Jesper Dec 13

In a Ruby on Rails app, I wanted a list to be at least of two items. This could be done in several ways. Here is a first naïve impementation: # Naïve implementation, just return whatever number I need def sum_up_a(existing) return 2 if existing == 0 return 1 if existing == 1 return 0 end […]

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Change history of SVN repository by Jesper Apr 15

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Somebody asked me if it’s possible to change history of an SVN repository like you can do in Git. The easiest parts to change are: commit date commit log message With this, you can easily modify time stamps if, for instance, your svn server clock is wrong. Step 1: Modify repository to accept property changes […]

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Easter egg CSS circles by Jesper Mar 29

Easter eggs instead of circles on your CSS. It’s easier than I thought.


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Rewrite author/email in git history by Jesper Jan 21

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After my harddisk crashed and I reinstalled the machine recently, I misconfigured my Git to set EMAIL as email address. This made Git history look horrible, with incorrect email, image. By accident I even wrote an incorrect name at one point.   Note the missing image.   Now it turns out my git repository was full […]

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