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GWT Developer plugin for Firefox 7 is now Ready

UPDATED 2011-12-14: Prebuilt folder now contains Firefox 8 version of the GWT developer plugin.

Since Firefox 7 was released, i have defered upgrading for one simple reason: At work I am dependent on GWT Developer plugin.

Today I found the ready-to-release plugin which actually works with Firefox 7:

http://google-web-toolkit.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/plugins/xpcom/prebuilt/ in here  is the gwt-dev-plugin.xpi, and it works like a charm :)

(In firefox, it asks you to download. And then you can drag the downloaded .xpi back into the browser to install. Why Firefox will not instantly recognize the .xpi file is kind of strange)

33 Responses to “GWT Developer plugin for Firefox 7 is now Ready”

  1. Andrew Bala Says:

    Firefox has been a nice and good browser to work on and with, but from version 5 up it has made a lot of problems for me. It gets stuck, loses tabs and a lot of other stuff.

    I don’t see FF good it things will go this way in the future.


  2. David Josh Says:

    Used Firefox for year but recently I switched over to Chrome and loving it, do you have an extension for Chrome too ?

  3. Effect Affect Says:

    Waiting for the new GWT tool was a pain. But firefox 6 wasn’t missing that much from 7 anyways, so I didn’t mind waiting for the upgrade :D

  4. Phil Hayward Says:

    Firefox won’t install .xpi files from most sites automatically because it’s a potential security risk. By requiring you to download and drag the thing back onto firefox to get it to install, they know you really do want to install the extension.

  5. John Pope Says:

    Will there be any version for Chrome. I know Firefox is still popular, but I would like to see popular extensions make it to Chrome as well

  6. Lawyer Says:

    Just add water, great blog and I love it! Another awesome post!

  7. Alan Says:

    They say Chrome will overtake Firefox now within the next months worldwide (not sure about DK). I love Firefox, but their recent string of upgrades made it hard to stick to.

  8. mindinventory Says:

    In not compatible Firefox 5,so you can share the compatible version.

  9. irwan Says:

    thank you for the info, i just install firefox 7 in my computer.

  10. java Says:

    i rather use firefox than chrome

  11. TechBase Says:

    java why do u prefer firefox. I think chrome is better. Its faster and more efficient. Maybe you need to enlighten me on why you prefer to use firefox. please let me know why

  12. Trevor Bayne Says:

    I’m not happy with Firefox 7 and it’s not just plugins. Too many UI changes really annoy me, like removal of the status bar, moving the reload page icon, different toggle for the back button to move back pages.

    Some of these are like if the keys on your keyboard were moved around ! You get used to making actions without looking and when they move they commonly used UI items and buttons it’s a real annoyance.

  13. Michelle Travelue Says:

    Is there a way to install plugins/extensions on Safari? I’m on a Mac and don’t plan on using Firefox. Or maybe chrome? please reply if you know a way

  14. Kudos Says:

    I recently upgraded my Firefox and most of my add-ons are incompatible now; I much prefer Google Chrome! Nearly all of the add-ons on Firefox have been ported over to Chrome and it doesn’t crash on me all the time like Firefox does.

  15. mass effect Says:

    Firefox is one of the best browser i have used. Currently i am using Mozilla Firefox version 4 and i have also try Mozilla 7, But i realize Mozilla 4 is better that the new one.

  16. AdamWarner Says:

    I used Firefox 7, it has amazing features, but i face one problem there. Please tell me how can i add option of do follow links on Firefox 7, i didn’t find that add one.

  17. Clark Says:

    As we know firefox has been involving our activity in day by day basis. New plugin will work well in firefox 8 as long as we use the right purpose.

  18. Social Media Says:

    I am still using firefox because of its friendliness. thanks for the tips

  19. Vector Graphics Says:

    Just got auto upgraded to firefox 9 and am curious if this will work. I’m a bit hesitant to try it as I have a tendency to break things beyond repair. Anyone knows?

  20. Industrial Pipe Inspection Says:

    I used Firefox 9.0 cause it got a lot of useful extensions available like the Firebug in which I use much. Thanks for sharing the plug-in.

  21. uptempo Says:

    Thanks for your article. It very helped me. It was exactly that I wanted.

  22. Dr. Christa Herzog Says:

    I know Firefox is still popular.Mozilla 7 is better that the old one.
    Thank you for posting this article. It is very helpful and interesting.

  23. search engine optimization rankings Says:

    my firefox is upgraded yesterday automatically. i dont know your plugin will work or not but let try

  24. Xamthone Says:

    Thanks for information, I’ll upgrade soon my mozilla

  25. hirePHPdeveloper Says:

    Thanks Very Nice Post.

  26. Colin Says:

    Very good post, I need to upgrade as well :(

  27. yaron Says:

    don’t know why but firefox lost it touch in the last 1-years.. something wrong happened since google published chrome browser..

  28. Last minute Says:

    That is some really good thinking right there. By putting those two things together, there will be a lot more traffic and money.Great Article

  29. katipsoi zunontee Says:

    Thanks for the post, I will upgrade my firefox today!

  30. Jon Says:

    A little late for me but that’s awesome to know! Thanks for the great post.

  31. Revitol Says:

    Thanks. I will upgrade to firefox 7 and get this plugin.

  32. tam Says:

    Got contented on Firefox 9 version; the personas are so cute.

  33. justaddwater.dk | GWT Ddeveloper Plugin now Works with Firefox 9 Says:

    [...] Previously i wrote when the plugin was updated to work with Firefox 7 and 8. [...]