Interesting visualization of Money Flow

It is often said that an image is worth a thousand words. New York Times is a good resource for interesting visualization on current topics. The article on Europe’s Web of Debt is rather good at conveying a lot of information on the recent European Debt crisis. The width of the arrows and circles represents size of debt.

Earlier this year New York Times brought another interesting visualization: A Peek Into Netflix [rental] Queues, where you can explore where (by US postnumber) any top 100 movie gets rented. A standard US map is overlaid with a heatmap of the data, and combined with excerpts from the movie reviews. Very amusing.

4 Responses to “Interesting visualization of Money Flow”

  1. Jeff Petersson Says:

    Thanks for sharing these helpful visuals, Jesper. Matters such as this can become extremely complicated when put into words, so a concise visual really helps to put it all in perspective and make more sense.

  2. Chicago Website Design and Development Says:

    Thanks for the article, the visuals where really helpful as I am much more of a visual person.

  3. Juan Says:

    Good effort with the visual. It really wraps it all up and give great understanding about the issue.

  4. Eve Copland Says:

    Money, Money, Money, before i was wondering and a little bit confuse of how the money works. I am not a business ad student, but i am concern on how things like money goes on and on.. This post helps me a lot, the picture helps me visualize.

    Thanks for the post.