Batch Screenshots with webkit2png

For projects I sometimes have lots of screenshots which I have to repeat whenever I change subtle things in the CSS or HTML.

I ended up creating this little handy script based on webkit2png (download source)

#!/usr/bin/env sh HOST="http://localhost:8080/myproject/viewer" /usr/bin/python webkit2png -F -o "01dashboard" $HOST/dashboard /usr/bin/python webkit2png -F -o "02showdetail" $HOST/detail /usr/bin/python webkit2png -F -o "03listpage" $HOST/list
This created the following 3 files in my directory:
$ ls -1 01dashboard.png 02showdetail.png 03listpage.png
Really simple and easy to use.
It only requires you to download webkit2png script (download on github).

One Response to “Batch Screenshots with webkit2png”

  1. Geert Verschaeve Says:

    Hi Jesper, thanks! It’s funny that you should post this today. I was watching “the Social Network” yesterday evening, where they show a scene in the beginning where Mark writes a little script to ‘steal’ pictures from the databases of the different colleges. And I thought: I should get one of those to take screenshots of different websites.

    And here you are today with exactly that :-)

    what I love about this specific tool is that it takes a screenshot of the entire page, not just the visible part!