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Java Friday Fun: @WTF annotations in code

Time for a little geeky gimmick. Some developers see and express a lot of “WTF??” while trying to understand code

IN this spirit, i created a quick @WTF annotation for Java.

Besides being completely useless (its removed at compile time), its only purpose is to give developers a new way to express themselves in code.

The cartoon states “The only valid measurement of code quality: WTFs/minute”. With the <code>@WTF</code> annotations, I would like to take it a little further. By annotating the code, you can actually encourage colleagues to help you fix it.

The best fix for WTF-code is of course to refactor, so that it becomes readable.

Interesting article:

The original cartoon strip:

4 Responses to “Java Friday Fun: @WTF annotations in code”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Fun idea. And a good article you linked to. Thanks!

  2. Labelle Says:

    WTFs/minute – nice. Last week I was running at least 10WTF’s/minute, methinks.

  3. Matt Hempsell Says:

    Great Very funny, i will have to pass this on to some of my geeky friends.

  4. Deric Cain Says:

    I am going to shoot a link to all of my coding buddies about this one. Nice job and humorous.