Jim Webber on qCon New York

Please help me choose the best photos I took during Jim Webbers talk at qCon New York.

You can do me a favor and vote (max 3 votes per person).

License: Creative commons (attribution).

3 Responses to “Jim Webber on qCon New York”

  1. Web Developer Says:

    Here are my votes:

    Row 4 column 4
    Row 2 column 4
    Row 5 column 1

    Nice set of pictures. Sadly some of them are have his hands blurred because of movement.

  2. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    @Web Developer: I purposedly wanted some pictures with his hands blurred. He is a very energetic speaker and I wanted his energy to show on the photos. This way, there is more movement in the images.

    Thanks for your votes :)

  3. Abdullah Mohammed shoeb Says:

    My votes are in the following
    Row 2 column 4
    Row 4 column 4
    Row 5 column 1

    Thank you.