Google’s Direct Links Inside Suggestion List

I just saw this feature today: Google added direct links into the list of autocompleting search results:

In this case, I searched for “earth h….” and it suggests “earth hour 2010” But on top of that, it inserts a link to the most relevant website directly. Smart and time-saving, i suppose.

Also, it does not clutter the suggestion box completely. Adding link to all suggestions would clutter the box, I think.

Also, I saw that google now shows real-time updates of news results inside the search result page:

Notice that scrollbar in the bottom of the screenshot: The result page keeps updating.

9 Responses to “Google’s Direct Links Inside Suggestion List”

  1. Pat Says:

    Thanks for the update. I noticed the real-time news updates yesterday; I think they will prove valuable when I am researching a breaking news story.

  2. Christian Says:

    Cool timesaving feature. It has not yet come to Denmark.

  3. Mark Slater Says:

    This direct linking would save a lot of valuable time for the people who find information using google. Google being the homepage for many users worldwide is often used as an address bar instead of a search engine. This provides the users with an option to go directly to the website instead of hitting “I’m Feeling Lucky” or viewing the search results. Thanks to Google, for another small yet interesting way to help it’s users.

  4. Aydın Says:

    Interesting, but not available in the UK yet :(

  5. Noah Rainey Says:

    This feature could be used to drive more traffic to your website. The only difficult challenge is trying to get to the most relevant result lol.

  6. Troy Says:

    These tools are all useful, and who wouldn’t be in favor of them overriding the algo for something like poison advice… but… just having the thoughtform out in the world that they override the algo in certain cases… how is this going to affect people’s trust of their search results? I’ve heard talk recently that Google is favoring “brands” in certain search results. Is this through an override also? Is this cronyism? Or an admittance that the algorithm has failed to beat the gamers in certain instances….?

  7. Stephan Says:

    I think the direct linking would be a great feature. Looking forward to see it in action.

    Warm wishes,

  8. Mark Sumpter Says:

    Another feature which I recently came across is the ‘Profile results for’ which appears when searching for people. I am not sure how new this is but I have only just noticed it. Try running a search for Matt Cutts, it usually appears at the bottom near the 10th position and has direct links to MySpace, Facebook, etc.

  9. Dave Says:

    I haven’t actually noticed this yet. Did they remove it?