Time to revise our blog purpose

Today, ten months ago, Thomas and I started Justaddwater.dk. Our purpose then was to share our thoughts about usability and web standards. It’s time to review our profile after ten months with 135 posts, 420 comments (not to mention 10,000 spam comments) and over 500 links from 250 websites (according to Technorati).

Here is our new and revised blog purpose:

About justaddwater.dk

Justaddwater.dk is mostly about usability, accessibility, web standards, and the technologies that drive and power the web. Expect to find articles from our daily work with web development and usability issues, and also occasionally a post or two on other topics.

Popular topics: Usability, blog usability, wordpress plugins, ruby on rails, prototyping, web standards, AJAX (web 2.0).

Popular posts (just to pick a few):

(From our updated about-page.)

Initially we wanted to start the blog to raise awareness internally in Capgemini on usability, and communicate usability with our colleagues. The corporate existing channels were not appropriate for us, because we estimated that we had a too small audience to get momentum behind an internal website/newsletter/blog/whatever.

And then, justaddwater.dk was born. Thomas wrote this as our first guideline for content:

This weblog is meant to deal with all aspects of usability. Here we will write about new and interesting technologies that hopefully will make usability easier to implement into your software or website. We will offer you our best tips and tricks and from time to time take up interesting projects and talk about our concerns and what our solution was.

After blogging for a while, we started to get feedback from people we never dreamt of. The style of the blog encourages dialog and we were thrilled to see comments and feedback from Jakob Nielsen, Jared Spool, Eric Reiss, John Rhodes, Joe Clark, Jonathan Boutelle, and many others.


Books by authors that read justaddwater.dk: Jakob Nielsen, Jared Spool, Steve Krug, Eric Reiss, John Rhodes, Mike Kuniavski, Joe Clark, Thomas Snitker

But most and above all, our most active commentators deserve a special mention: Piotr, Luis Villa, Hemanshu, Jakob Skjerning, Olle Jonsson, Casper Fabricius, Brian Crescimanno, Trine-Maria
Thanks for all your comments. Our blog wouldn’t be the same without you!

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6 Responses to “Time to revise our blog purpose”

  1. Luis Villa Says:

    Get ready for the 2007. Is going to be better. Congratulations!! You’re doing a great job!!! :-)

  2. Jakob S Says:

    Yay! I made it onto a top list, what do I win?

  3. Benjamin Says:

    Glad you have a purpose that makes sense for you and that you’ll enjoy blogging about! – ben @ http://rubyonrailsblog.com/

  4. John S. Rhodes Says:

    Long live JAW.

  5. justaddwater.dk | See you at RailsConf, Europe this Thursday Says:

    […] If I decide to take notes during the conference, I will definately blog it (like I did at the Jesse James Garett seminar couple of months ago). The blog posts will go in our new Copenhagen Ruby/Rails user group website — because we like to keep justaddwater.dk focus on the usual topics. […]