See you at RailsConf, Europe this Thursday

We are heading to London Wednesday to attend RailsConf (described earlier). I’m really looking forward to the exciting presentations. I’m glad we’re two Capgemini employees going, because many of the parallel sessions in the schedule look interesting.

We’d like to get in touch with any Justaddwater readers attending the conference. Also nice to see several presentations that touch our main topics usability, accessibility, webstandards.

Highlights that I am looking forward to:

Dan Webb, Unobtrusive Ajax with Rails

Accessible websites are the weak point of virtually every web framework. Rails is one of the better web frameworks with respect to accessibility, but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Unfortunately at presented at the same time as Soren Burkhart, Revolutionizing the Airline Industry with Rails. I’ve written previously about the business case for Rails, so this will be a tough one to decide what to see.

Peter Krantz, Building accessible web interfaces in Rails

If you don’t already know Peter and his work, he has done a tool to automate accessibility tests in Ruby on Rails (plus a lot more). Very promising work and I’m looking forward to get an introduction to it.

Alex Payne, Securing Rails: A Whole-Stack Approach

Security and Rails: I’m looking forward to more here, although I’ve read the security chapter in the Rails book a couple of times, it will be interesting to learn more. For people working with enterprise Rails, attending this should be required.

Till Vollmer, Localisation of Rails applications

As I pointed out while working on my own Localization plugin, there are plenty of loose ends in Rails that could make localization much easier with Rails.

As I’ve written in the Rails Core group, I hope to see more in Rails for easier future localization.

Jeremy Voorhis, Agile Project Management With Rake And Capistrano

Unfortunately running simultaneously with Dominic Mitchell (Unicode and Rails), and Lauri Jutila (Cleaning Up and Beautifying Rails Framework). I definately miss out on some interesting presentations here.

The keynotes

Fortunately, all the key notes look very promising. Furthermore, David previously said the presentations would not be a repetition of the US RailsConf. Especially worth a mention is Kathy Sierra: For the readers of this blog, Kathy is definately worth listening to (and reading) — very usability related articles.

As a side note, I wrote Kathy a while ago because of a print problem in the CSS on her blog’s pages. Email explaining problem and solution.

Live blogging

If I decide to take notes during the conference, I will definately blog it (like I did at the Jesse James Garett seminar couple of months ago). The blog posts will go in our new Copenhagen Ruby/Rails user group website — because we like to keep focus on the usual topics.

Please let me know if you plan to live blog the event. An post a comment if you’d like to meet up during the conference.

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