Videos: Innovation and User Interface Developments

Two very interesting videos about Google

The new innovative improvements to Google Maps… View the demo video (it’s just a few minutes):Via Jacob Hage’s blog.

My favorite is the drag-and-drop replanning of routes. Danish competitors are lightyears behind here…

If you have not seen it: Check out Douglas Merril (CIO at Google) talk about innovation at Google. I have embedded video here below.

He is a very entertaining speaker. Seems like he has given this talk many times…
What are your favorite quotes?

Bonus article: Thomas Baekdal discussing the ever present issue security vs usability: The usability of passwords.

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3 Responses to “Videos: Innovation and User Interface Developments”

  1. Thomas Baekdal Says:

    He he – not the best acting in the world :)

    But I agree, those are cool features in Google maps – and highly usable.

  2. tveskov Says:

    Douglas Merril talk was really good, thanks for sharing. Many good soundbites in there but “Giving innovations a very, very long spring” stuck with me. Innovation is a fragile thing so often things need a long time to grow (or die).

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