Powerful Text Editor Released

E-texteditor just got out of beta. I have actively contributed with improvement suggestions and error reports, as this editor has all needed features for rapid web devlopment, and has potential to become even better.

I suggest you check out the inspiring screencast and perhaps buy a trial if you like it.


More info:

E-Texteditor website: e-texteditor.com

Justaddwater.dk: E-Texteditor For Windows (April 2007)

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5 Responses to “Powerful Text Editor Released”

  1. Gemini Says:

    I checked out this editor! It’s outstanding. I am switching over to it…

    Check out my site: http://niche-technologies.blogspot.com for more insights on latest technology and gadgets.

  2. Russell Quinn Says:

    Amazing! Purchased!

  3. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    Review available of E-texteditor here: http://htmleditors.shadowboxcreative.ca/2007/08/09/review-e-text-editor-10/

  4. justaddwater.dk | My First Rant Discussion — Ever Says:

    […] Powerful Text Editor Released (August […]