A Badly Timed Warning

Why is it that my laptop gives me this warning:


AFTER the computer shuts down, so I see it when I plug it in and turn it on again?

Not only a very badly timed warning that’s completely irrelevant when I see it. But also an example of defaults that are badly configured. Completely useless, and even though it dissappears after a few moments, it still reminds me of basic usability flaws on my computer.

(Disclaimer: I have been adjusting the defaults battery and power settings, so I may have accidentally changed something without my knowing. However, I can assure you that it’s not on purpose because the message annoys me everytime I see it)

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2 Responses to “A Badly Timed Warning”

  1. Jens Ulrik Says:

    Heh – and litteraly following the message, someone could expect to be able to remove the battery and add a new one without losing any work. The annoyance factor is right up there with the Office paper clip.