Google Analytics Redesign — Flaw Slipped Through?

Lou Rosenfeld wrote that google analytics is redesigned and has short notes from the demo that Jeff Veen and his team gave at Emetrics yesterday. There is a cool demo on the google analytics website.

Jeffs words:

Today, a completely redesigned version of Google Analytics is launching, bringing a lot of the simplicity and data visualization techniques we learned building Measure Map to a whole new scale. This was some of the toughest design work I’ve ever tackled, and I’m immensely impressed with well our team worked together, especially Greg Veen, Ryan Carver, and Douglas Vander Molen.

I wrote more about the redesign over on the Google Blog, and my colleague Avinash Kaushik has written a fantastic and comprehensive overview on his blog.

On a personal note, I’ve got a much different job now that the design work on Analytics has wrapped up. I now lead a team of over 30 designers and researchers responsible for the user experience of Google’s web applications.

Still waiting

Unfortunately, it seems that we will have to wait a bit more before we can use the new interface for My google analytics front screen has this note:

We’re excited to announce the newly redesigned Google Analytics.
Over the next several weeks, we will be migrating all existing Analytics accounts to the new Google Analytics interface.

Example screenshots

I have borrowed these screenshots from Avinash Kaushik’s blog post.

Google Analtyics Dashboard

You can drag and drop sort the boxes on the dashboard, personalize the content. I really love the use of the tiny sparklines next to each number.

Compare this to the old dashboard (screenshot from our blog):


Referring URLs Flaw?

Over a year ago I wrote about the tedious process to view referring URLs in Google Analytics. Now, from Avinash’s screenshot, it looks like this:

google analytics v2 discover data

In the list in the bottom, it looks very similar to the old version, and I cannot see the unique URL (unless the screenshot above gets unique links from the frontpages of,, and

Unfortunately, it seems like it’s still necessary to dig after the information regarding the unique URLs.

Compare to how it is now:


I really hope this get’s easier and that I can see all the unique URLs from a site directly.

This may be a misinterpretation by me, and may be possible with the new design. I’m a bit on second hand here because I cannot try it out myself. Maybe the team at Google Analytic’s have any thoughts on this?

UPDATE (same day at 22:45): From Michael Harrison‘s comment below and related article I learned that this flaw is gone. Great news, Michael. And thanks a lot for explaining this properly!

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3 Responses to “Google Analytics Redesign — Flaw Slipped Through?”

  1. Michael Harrison Says:

    Hey Jesper. We’ve been using the new interface for a couple of months, and I can say that the new Referring Sites report is a little more intuitive than drilling down via the Analysis Options / Cross Segment icon. I’ve written a response to your article, complete with clumsily rendered screenshots. :) Check it out here:

    Also, if you want to consolidate the entire referral site and referral path, you can do it with filters. I’ve talked about that in the entry above, as well.

    We love your blog here in Raleigh, btw. Keep up the great work, and don’t hold back on the new GA interface when you finally get access. The more feedback, the better, right?

  2. What’s new with Google Analytics? · The Google Maven Says:

    […] Google Analytics Redesign — Flaw Slipped Through? […]

  3. MN Web Development Says:

    Thanks for posting the update, I was reading this and thought for sure it would take awhile for them to fix it. Thanks again!