Ruby on Rails Patch Day is On!

We’re in the middle of Ruby on Rails Patch Day in the Copenhagen.rb (the copenhagen ruby society).

Ruby on Rails is used by Capgemini for rapid prototyping of web applications, so it was natural for my manager to sponsor food for the all-night event.

The food is irregular for a hack-day of this style: No chips (well, almost no chips), lots of fruit: apples, bananas, water melon, apricots, etc.

We’ll be squashing bugs for the next 8 hours or so, picking randomly from the Ruby on Rails bug list.

Hopefully we’ll squash some bugs for everybody to benefit from. And hopefully, the nutritional food will help us :)

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One Response to “Ruby on Rails Patch Day is On!”

  1. Marston A, SugarStats Says:

    Hey Jesper,

    This is really great to hear! Good luck to you guys and don’t forget to bring a blender to turn some of that fruit into delicious smoothies!