JavaOne 2006 daily report: Ehhh daily?

Ok… what happened? I was blogging about my trip to JavaOne (The arrival, The waiting, Day One), and then what? No day two or anything. There are many excuses but none of them really matter since this is a blog and here I make the rules. Ok Jesper does as well, and he have been teasing me with the missing posts from JavaOne. Sorry :(

Anyway. There wasn’t really anything interesting from a usability or web standards point of view (this was in fact a Java conference believe it or not).

I did however mange to upload a bunch of photos to Flickr :)
Browse my JavaOne 2006 set here ยป

I could of cause write some stuff about the more interesting sessions, but it’s late now and I need to go to bed. Besides, I should have done so when they where fresh in my mind.

The only thing that I can say is: Some interesting stuff is in the pipeline here at and both Jesper and I are looking forward to share it with you :)

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