JavaOne 2006 daily report: The arrival

JavaOne is the biggest Java convention in the world held once a year in USA. Five of my colleagues and me from Capgemini have taken the long trip from Denmark to San Francisco in California (19 hours!). My plan is to give you daily updates on all the interesting sessions I’m attending. I’m especially looking forward to hearing the following:

I’ve put my whole session schedule online, but keep in mind that this is just resevations I made from home, so I might skip some of them or join other sessions.

Traveling experiences

Delta must truly be an air line company of the world. A flight attendance actually gave me visa and immigration forms written in Dutch! I thought I spoke Danish. A couple of my colleagues also got Dutch forms – the rest got them in French?! I managed to fill them out without understanding the questions. I’m writing this on the plane, so I don’t know yet if I’m gonna be allowed inside the States… “Bent U ooit betrokken geweest bij spionage of sabotage?” – I answered “yes” – I hope that was correct. The info screen displaying outside temperature and altitude was in some weird language that I don’t even know of. Oh yes… they where showing two in-flight movies. But the whole row of seats where I was sitting had a malfunction so the earphone plugs didn’t work ;)

This is how you look if you try hard to keep a straight face, arriving at a hotel after traveling for 19 long hours, being awake 24 hours straight with only 4 hours of sleep before that:

Very tired at the hotel

Good night :)

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