My Talk at Reboot8: Prototyping

Today is the time for my ten minute presentation at Reboot. I have ten minutes between 16.45 and 17.30 to give my talk.

Topic: Prototype driven development with Ruby on Rails, and demo of the application we made at Capgemini with the Danish public Agency of Companies and Commerce.

Presentation (Powerpoint format) for download here:

Prototype driven development with Ruby on Rails: Powerpoint version (1.11 MB)

Prototype driven development with Ruby on Rails: PDF version (1.04MB)

Request: Could somebody convert my Powerpoint to PDF?

Thanks to Thomas Maas and Guy Dickinson for converting to PDF!

Additional material

Here are material if you are looking for more info:

Links to agile software development methods:

Your feedback

One more thing: I would really like your feedback! This is my first presentation in English, and also my first with many people (potentionally!) listening.

Furthermore, I only have ten minutes, so it will be a big challenge for me to get to the point. Hope you enjoy it.

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11 Responses to “My Talk at Reboot8: Prototyping”

  1. Robert Bialek Says:

    Hi, I wanted to look at your presentation but the link is not working. Could you check it pls?


  2. Jeppe Says:

    Thanks a lot, I really enjoyed the demo! This should be required reading for any web development team.

  3. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    Robert, Link to powerpoint presentation is now working.

  4. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    Thanks for the kind words here and in your blog post (in danish)

  5. Guy Dickinson Says:

    Good to see clueful work in a big consulting firm…nice presentation.

    Here you go – a PDF version

  6. Casper Fabricius Says:

    Yeah, thanks for the demo at Reboot. For further reference, you can always use PDF Creator to create a PDF – it’s free, open source, and anything you can print you can get a PDF out of.

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  8. Geoff Parker Says:

    Hi Jesper,

    Thanks for the great talk and for putting the presentation up.

    I think it would be worthwhile if you added a few points as callouts, notes or an extra slide to the legacy system shown on slide 18. These should list its shortcomings and problems. Also it would be useful to list the benefits (20 hours, 2 people, client joy!) of the new application on slide 21 in the same way.

    Obviously these were points you made verbally (and very convincingly) to all of us at the actual talk at Reboot 8.

    My concern is some people may miss out on the full context of the presentation and what you achieved if they are just downloading the visual part without also getting the points you talked about.

    There is a lot of potential for driving adoption based on success stories like yours so it is important that people get a full understanding.

  9. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    Hi Geoff. Thanks for making the comment about appending information to the presentation. However, I have decided not to append the presentation slides. with further points.

    This is because I want the slides to be a support to the verbal presentation. If somebody decides to make a resume of the points, it’s OK with me.

    Also I understand that all the reboot presentations will eventually be available as audio and video files.

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