Elements of User Experience, my notes

Today I’m attending Jesse James Garrett’s event “The elements of User Experience” here in Copenhagen. I’ll update this post during the day with my notes. if there’s network access which I sort of hope.

Update: Notes done. Very good day! Now on for the informal cocktail hour!

Click here for My notes, “the elements of User Experience”

Jesse Games Garrett in action, Copenhagen, May 31, 2006
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I’m really looking forward to this, alhough mentally my presentation at reboot is taking a lot of my attention. There are several things that I look forward to:

  • Meeting Jesse. I really look forward to see and hear him and the workshop.
  • User experience is on of those really fuzzy buzzwords, and I’ve previously searched for a clear definition and found a good diagram. I expect that we have a conversation about that.

Also I look forward to meet other reboot attendees and I am told that Snitker.com sponsors some free drinks afterwards in Zum Biergarden nearby! (At least, that’s what Thomas Snitker told me couple of weeks ago).
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2 Responses to “Elements of User Experience, my notes”

  1. justaddwater.dk | Definition of User Experience Revisited Says:

    […] Also, I attended Jesse James Garrett’s seminar (”defining the user experience” – my notes) last month, and got a better understanding of how Jesse’s original thoughts on user experience were defined. […]

  2. JayEB Says:

    I went over and read your notes and I was able to glean so much from them even though they are almost 3 years old now. I especially took one of your notes away from it all and I think it will stick with me for a long time to come. That quote is this: “No one would ever suggest improvising a bridge, improvising a hotel. But we see that constantly on the web”. How true is that? I know I have been guilty of that more recently than I would like to admit.