Ruby on Rails Copenhagen Meetup

UPDATE: We finaly found a venue for the meetup, located in the central Copenhagen just next to The Rock and “Gammel Torv”:

Café Selina (top floor)
Skindergade 43

See map on »

Data & Time: Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 20.30.

Remember: There will of cause be free beer and WiFi

Thursday evening on reboot (here in Copenhagen tomorrow), there is scheduled a session The Railways meetup for rails geeks“. Please show up. I hope to be there. Just talked to Jakob Skjerning ( about that we want to do a Copenhagen Ruby on Rails Meetup for local resources to meet up.

First of all, hope to see you tomorrow at reboot, but if you’re not at reboot, then how about meeting us
Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 20.30.

One thing I’d love to talk about that day is to schedule meetings at a certain frequency. And then to meet other with a passion for Ruby on Rails.
Location to be announced later. Probably at a bar somewhere in Copenhagen inner city. If someone have suggestions for a place where we can get it somewhat for ourselves. Please post suggestions and interests in participations here.

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38 Responses to “Ruby on Rails Copenhagen Meetup”

  1. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    FYI i’ve made a public entry in Google Calendar (but dont really know how to put it on the website right now)

  2. Jakob S Says:

    I’ll be there, obviously ;)

  3. Journal Says:

    Calling Railsheads in Copenhagen…

    Thursday, June 29th, at 20:30 we (Jesper Rønn-Jensen and I) would very much like to see anyone with a passion for Rails at some unspecified location in Copenhagen. It’s just going to be a casual and relaxed meetup to see……

  4. Reboot 8, 2006—Time Wasted on Binaries Says:

    […] Well, its reboot time again. Really looking forward to it. Besides the venue at Kedelhallen, there’s also a casual rails meetup thursday evening, and, well, in fact I’ve yet to take a closer look at the program, (also available as a nifty Google calendar) but it’s looking good! […]

  5. Benjamin Says:

    Sounds good! Sounds fun! I’m in for the June 29 meetup :-)

  6. Robert Bialek Says:

    Hi Rails Lovers!
    I have just started using Rails and “I’m lovin’ it” ;) It would be really cool to talk to other geeks that love this framework. Due to high work pressure, I couldn’t make it for reboot this year, but I hope that the meeting on 29 June will take place and that we will meet then.

    Please keep all of us informed about where the meeting is going to be.

    Look forward to seeing you there,

  7. Martin Wulffeld Says:

    Hi Jesper

    We talked briefly after the closing session at reboot. I’d love to join but as I mentioned I’ll be at the Roskilde Festival. Hope to make it next time then.

  8. Casper Fabricius Says:

    – and I’d also love to be there at the 29th, but just like Martin, I’ll be at Roskilde Festival (as I mentioned at Reboot). Hope you’ll put out some notes, pictures, etc. and that you’ll plan the next date not too many months ahead – I’ll definately be there the next time ;o)

  9. dalager Says:

    I’ll be there.
    or +1 as they say ;-)

  10. Olle Jonsson Says:


    And, it was pleasant to be there, to participate in the collective hivemind.

  11. Tobias Says:

    You have to share the calendar (“Share this calendar”) to make it available to everyone, and then you can copy the “Calendar Address” (ical or atom) from the “Calendar settings” page.
    You should propably create a separate calendar for the meetup events unless you want to share all of your events ;)

  12. Thomas Watson Steen Says:

    I was thinking about using istead of / as well as Google Calendar. Does anybody have previous experience with this service, or know of better one?

  13. Thomas Kristiansen Says:

    Unfortunately I have a date with a lot of mud at Roskilde.

    Would have loved to join you though..!

  14. Thomas Watson Steen Says:


    I’ll of cause also be there

    Did we mention that there where gonna be free beer (free as in beer) ?

  15. Pelle Says:

    Will do my best to be there.

  16. Morten Christensen Says:

    Good idea! Always eager to meet other Danes On Rails! I will aim to attend!

  17. Sean Treadway Says:

    If I’m in town, I’ll make it. But chances are slim, with the 29th being on a Thursday.

    Is that free beer as in free beer or free beer as in FREE BEER?

  18. Thomas Watson Steen Says:

    I’m sorry to say that there will “only” be free beer not FREE BEER ;)

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    […] The Ruby on Rails meetup in Copenhagen on Thursday, June 29, 20:30 will be held at Café Selina. Jesper has the details. […]

  21. Lars Sehested Geisler Says:

    I will attend – there’s no excuse when it’s just around the corner :-)

  22. Jacob Lauemøller Says:

    Great idea; I’ll be there.

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    […] Go over to Jesper’s blog and sign up – just post a comment, baby, and you’re golden. […]

  24. Thomas Madsen-Mygdal Says:

    i’ll try and make it…

  25. Tobias H. Michaelsen Says:


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    […] Invite yourself by adding your name in the comments for “Ruby on Rails Copenhagen Meetup“. […]

  27. Thomas Madsen-Mygdal Says:

    Won’t make it – other commitments – have fun…

  28. Mads Buus Jensen Says:


  29. Sven Pedersen Says:


  30. Lau Taarnskov Says:


  31. Lars Vange Says:


  32. Peter Brodersen Says:


  33. Tim Russell Says:


  34. Tim Russell Says:

    PS: just heard of the Meet-up from Pelle today – See ya!

  35. Robert Bialek Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanx for a nice meeting. It was really QL to see how many Rails enthusiasts are in Cph. I look forward to meeting you soon again. Viva Rails, viva networking ;)

    And finally, big thanx to the orginizers for the effort, good selection of place, and the good beer(s) !

    PS. Any news about the discussed mailing list?

  36. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    Jakob Skjerning just set up the mailing list: Copenhagen.rb (Danish).

    Fantastic evening. I’m glad you enjoyed!

  37. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    Photos from the evening up on