Speaking at reboot8 about Rails and rapid prototyping

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be giving a brief talk at reboot8.0
about Rails and rapid prototyping. This is in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 1 or 2.
Thomas Madsen-Mygdal (of reboot) looked for short demos of web applications, which is what I’ll do:

reboot is this year gonna be showcasing 15-20 5 minute demos. Demos of new products, opensource projects, standardization projects, art, movements, etc. People doing interesting things with the Internet in Europe in the most simple core sense.

Madsen-Mygdal and I had a dialog about one application that we’re working on for a major Danish public agency.

The presentation is scheduled to last only 10 minutes, which will be a big challenge for me. I think it’s much harder to make your points in that short amount of time.

My talk is based on some of the ideas I posted about in the article Ruby on Rails as rapid prototyping tool. In case you missed it, yesterday I announced that I’ll also be speaking on usability and rapid prototyping May 19.

Please let me know if you’re at reboot, I’d love to meet and perhaps exchange ideas.

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5 Responses to “Speaking at reboot8 about Rails and rapid prototyping”

  1. Luis Villa Says:

    Hi Jesper!

    Just a message to wish you a nice talk. I’m sure it’s going to rock the audience!! :-)

  2. Jakob S Says:

    I’ll do what I can to be in the audience – good luck!

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