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This weblog is run and maintained by Jesper Rønn-Jensen from NineConsult and Thomas Watson Steen from 3dbyggeri danmark.

Jesper Rønn-Jensen (left) and Thomas Watson Steen. Photo by Michael Bothager

The thoughts here present their personal opinions and views and is not necessarily connected with their employer. If you want to contact us please fill in our contact form »

About justaddwater.dk

Justaddwater.dk is mostly about web development, usability, accessibility, web standards, and the technologies that drive and power the web. Expect to find articles from our daily work with web development and usability issues, and also occasionally a post or two on other topics.

Popular topics: Usability, blog usability, wordpress plugins, ruby on rails, prototyping, web standards, AJAX (web 2.0).

Popular posts (just to pick a few):

Jesper Rønn-Jensen

Jesper Rønn-Jensen. Photo by Michael BothagerWeb developer, usability specialist, interaction design. Started working with web pages seriously since 1995 and professionally since 1997.

Jesper is passionate about his work, and seldom misses a chance to share knowledge on web development issues.

View Jesper’s LinkedIn profile for more info and details on his professional skills.

Thomas Watson Steen

Thomas Watson Steen. Photo by Michael BothagerPart Java, part web developer. His work have since the late 90’s evolved around professional programming and software design with a high in-depth interest in usability, web and programming standards.

During his career he has been the main architect behind a popular CMS, a GUI developer and served as a web standards adviser. He is known as a techie that gladly preaches usability, standard compliance and other interesting subjects in a user-friendly manner to everyone that shows an interest.

After working at Capgemini, he joined 3 friends in the Danish startup 3dbyggeri danmark.

View his LinkedIn profile for more info and details on his professional skills.

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History of Justaddwater.dk

Jesper and Thomas worked together at as web developers at Capgemini, and wanted to raise awareness of usability and web standards inside the company amongst co-worker developers, project management, and team members.

After a brief discussion on the ups and downs of newsletters, meetings, knowledge sharing groups, wikis and blogs, they decided to share thoughts with the whole world and not just to be another one of those “Capgemini-eyes-only” things.

To make a story short, they decided to start this blog October 14th, 2005.

5 Responses to “About the authors”

  1. Cameron Booth Says:

    Hi Jesper, Thomas,

    Just came across your blog in my daily Ruby on Rails reading, and when I saw you guys were with CapGemini thought I’d touch base.

    I only work very occasionally, but I’m a Knowledge Working with the Cap ASE centre here in Toronto, are you guys familiar with the ASE? I still can’t tell how broad reaching it is in Cap.

    Anyways, just touching base….I’ll keep reading, this stuff is right up my alley, I’m a web developer with my own company (theworkinggroup.ca). We’re from a PHP background, but getting more and more into Rails these days, and loving it….just got back from the conferenc in Chicago actually…

    Take care,


  2. Thomas Watson Steen Says:

    Hi Cameron

    Nice to hear from you :)

    Yes we know of ASE here in Capgemini Denmark. We had a “real” ASE some time ago, but have now launched a new concept with what you might call a mobile ASE. It all fits inside a truck and can transported to any location (be it a customer or a conference center). We then have all the equipment on-site (computers, AV gear, whiteboards, etc.)

    Actually if you have been in contact with ASE in Toronto, you might know a guy called Mads Jensen. He is a former employee of Capgemini Denmark and moved to Canada some time ago to (as far as I know) be in charge of ASE there. Now he is back in Denmark though, with his own company called Collaboration Lab.

    I don’t know how complete the list is (it should be), but we have a list of all our official ASE locations around the globe:


  3. JenS Says:

    I’ll touch base too. Or tjek in, whatever works.

    Seeing there is no other place better for commenting on this, I’ll ask here for some tag/category/archive plugin for browsing through entries re usability…

    The post I thought I remembered isn’t on the popular list.

  4. Mrinmay Bhattacharjee Says:

    Just came across your blog, Your Blog is very informative. :) Keep up the Good Work :)

  5. Jamie Costello Says:

    Great blog guys, I was reading some of your GIT stuff, very handy.

    Take care

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