The Design of Internal Enterprise Applications

I really fell in spontaneous love with this drawing, that shows the relation between the simplest and the most complex of all known products and websites. Apple and Google representing the first. Internal Enterpricey applications representing the latter.


Thanks a lot Eric Burke for that fantastic visualisation!

A great quote that fits for this situation:

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” (Confucius)

More quotes: Great Quotes For The Agile Project Wall

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  5. Mary - custom web designer Says:


    A. Apple: because you’re willing to spend twice the price on a machine (vs. PC) that a lot more design/usability work went into.

    B. Google: Because even Google founders admit that in the beginning, they did not have a search button because they did not know how to make one. Google is still a one-trick-pony (search).

    C. Because you need to make money. SCreenshot #3 is what you would see in google or apple’s backend.

  6. Sean Says:

    So true. We love the saying, “confuse ’em and lose ’em”. It’s clear that simplicity rules over complicated and confusing things – even when it comes to design, development, applications, etc….thanks for the illustrations – love them!