Internal Capgemini Scrum Presentation

If you understand Danish, then this internal presentation might be something for you.

Capgemini Denmark lunchbag session explaining “What is Scrum”, “how to Scrum”, “Why Scrum”, recorded Friday March 7th.

Presenter is my colleague Jakob Schmidt Sørensen, Capgemini Denmark. He asked me to help him out keep track of time and draw the burndown chart during the presentation.
Note that the entire presentation is done on a scrumboard with a burndown chart being constantly updated during the 40 minute presentation. Actually, this was the rerun of a similar presentation one week earlier: The first one was quite popular and several people encouraged Jakob to redo the presentation.

The entire 38 minutes presentation is in Danish

Google video: Scrum in a lunchbag session (Danish)

Update 2008-03-27: Jakob made an edited version 37 minutes long slightly edited to focus on the most important parts.

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4 Responses to “Internal Capgemini Scrum Presentation”

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  2. Soren H Rasmussen Says:

    Excellent stuff, Jesper. I have distributed it to some of our managers here in Nokia (incl non-SW guys) and they also find it very informative if you are totally blank on Scrum. Thanks.

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