Back To Work — The Reality of Word

After 9 days away from ordinary work, then suddently Microsoft Word snug back on the list of most used programs:

screenshot of windows start menu showing internet explorer, axure, adobe photoshop, opera and microsoft word

Despite the fact that I try to avoid it, using Word as specification is still an important part of my work :)

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4 Responses to “Back To Work — The Reality of Word”

  1. Laurence Veale Says:

    Hi Jesper,

    I noticed from your Start menu that you use Axure.

    We use Visio/OmniGraffle on PC/Mac for designing sitemaps and wireframing. Consensus is that Visio drives us nuts while OmniGraffle is pretty good

    How do you find Axure?


  2. Thomas Baekdal Says:

    Don’t feel bad about. Word ranks as the no. 1 on my list – closely followed by Photoshop, Excel and Visual Studio.

    What you should feel bad about is using such an antiquated version… :)

  3. Sune Jakobsen Says:

    The most frightening thing is that it looks like you actually use internet explorer – I cross my fingers and hope that it’s only for testing purposes :o)

  4. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    Laurence: I’m working on a usability review of Axure (as hinted in my recent Help to Prioritize. Don’t expect anything yet, though. It’s a work in progress where “real” work is eating up my time at the moment :(

    Thomas: That does it! Stop teasing me! Unfortunately, Office 2007 is not part of our corporate IT platform yet. Probably will be one day. But as I’m upgrading my laptop in a month or so, I decided to install the 60 day trial on this machine, so I can appear less antiquated…

    Sune: My IE is used primarily for testing purposes, but unfortunately we’re running an internal system for timereporting that relies on IE to work (bad JavaScript like “document.all.id_of_element“. Furthermore, on a project I’m working on we’re using Microsoft Sharepoint for document sharing. To get the best user experience and easiest access control, IE is required… So that’s the explanation of the high placement of IE.

    Also, I’ve been busy recently with making HTML + CSS for a couple of websites, so the placement of IE is probably higher here than normal.