Attending RailsConf Europe, London, September

Thomas and I are attending RailsConf Europe in London, September 14-15 later this year.

From the RailsConf website:

The conference is already packed with exciting speakers, including the creator of Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, Pragmatic Programmer Dave Thomas, best-selling author and passion maven Kathy Sierra, Rails core developers Jamis Buck, Marcel Molina, Jr., Thomas Fuchs, Rails authors and trainers David Alan Black, and Chad Fowler, Rake author Jim Weirich and many more to be announced.

Although not mentioned on the website, Europe would be a perfect audience for talks on internationalization, so I’d like to see Jeremy Voorhis’ presentation “Globalizing Rails“.

We’re looking forward to this conference. As frequent readers here may know, we’re using Ruby on Rails in Capgemini for things like rapid prototyping of web applications. Also I’m particularly interested in the business value of using it.

Get in touch and drop us a comment below if you’re attending. Especially, we’d like to know if other people from Denmark are attending.

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