Thoughts regarding Ruby on Rails Meetup this week

Thomas and I are really looking forward to this week’s Copenhagen Rails Meetup. Remember to join us

  • if you’re in Copenhagen this thursday
  • if you’re working with Ruby on Rails professionally or in your spare time
  • if you like free beer

Invite yourself by adding your name in the comments for “Ruby on Rails Copenhagen Meetup“.

Beer will be free until a certain amount, then each will have to pay individually. The free beer sponsored by our employer, Capgemini. The reason for doing this — you may have seen this coming — is that we’re looking for talented web developers. Ruby on Rails developers are welcome (but note that the primary skills required are Java or .Net).

Considerations and expectations

I think now is a good time to share my considerations with you. Considerations that I hope we can discuss Thursday. Please add your comments and post your own thoughts and expectations. This way we get more focus in the meeting (and have more time to drink beer!).

  1. Frequency and format of future meetings. I’ve already had great discussions about the format about this with Olle and Jakob. This thursday we’ll keep it as an informal meetup with focus on getting to know each other and discuss whatever is on top of people’s mind. For future meetups I suggest we meet after work – probably not on a cafe but maybe at somebodys office. Also I expect we have one or more topics, and I also expect that one or more participants prepare talks. First candidate could be to learn more about the recent RailsConf, that Casper Fabricius has been blogging (Casper wrote he couldn’t join us this thursday because of Roskilde, but I’m sure he’ll join us next time).
  2. Bring your calendars so that we find dates (and perhaps speakers) for future meetings.
  3. RailsConf Europe, September in London. Who else is going, besides from Thomas and me?
  4. Danish localisation issues in Rails. Globalize and GLoc are both plugins that can allegedly solve the issues. I’ve been trying to fully understand GLoc, and want to know about other experience with the aspects I think are the most important for Rails to be used effectively on Danish websites: Number and currency formatting, time, date and timestamp formatting, and messages from Rails, see next bullet. In my opinion, it’s less important that a plugin supports multiple languages. I think the most important thing right now is to support these Danish formats mentioned above.
  5. Danish translation: Volunteers for paticipation in translating all error messages, active record messages, scaffolding, etc to Danish. That would be extremely valuable for working with close relation do Danish customers or public authorities that need their websites in Danish anyway. I no repetition, and a translation plugin (or more likely GLoc/Globalize) to be used especially when working professionally with rapid prototyping.
  6. Synergy with other local/regional groups such as Skåne/Sjælland Ruby User Group and the Aarhus Ruby/Rails group. Or any other groups on for instance RubyHolic?
  7. Exchange ideas for future projects and web applications. We all have thoughts on new projects: “What if… ?”, “How about…?”, etc. I talked briefly with Peter Brodersen about how to improve the Danish Roadmap “” in order to let people update and add new roads. I talked with my colleague Mads about making a Ruby on Rails-driven “use-case generator” that could pseudo-document your Rails-app as use-case document. A friend of mine wants to sell jewellery in Denmark (a Rails website would be obvious). What are your ideas? If we share these ideas with each other, we can find like minded and perhaps make valuable contacts.
  8. Should we have a website for our group? If so, i hope that people bring initiatives that can kickstart the site. Having said that, I always think that there are so many websites out there. What services do we need and are they already available to us? That might be more interesting questions.
  9. Contribute to Ruby on Rails. Are there things that we can to contribute to the community? What are people working on? Any thoughts on improving Rails itself, thoughts on integration with other systems, or exciting plugins?
  10. UPDATE: Books and e-books: I’ll bring the Rails books I’ve already purchased, and would like to discuss what are the best books available. Oh, and maybe somebody has an opinion on Cody Fauser’s E-book RJS Templates, which so far has been impossible for me to buy (some kind of mysterious O’Reilly store error that targets me?).

Please share with me any thoughts you have regarding the meetup. Comment here or send a trackback from your own blog post.

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6 Responses to “Thoughts regarding Ruby on Rails Meetup this week”

  1. Thomas Bentzen Says:

    Hi there.

    I unluckily will not be able to participate in the glorious event :-(
    However, I’ll still make a few thoughts available for y’all to dis when I’m not there anyway.

    I agree with the considerations and expectations list, however in my opinion there is a little thing missing, the hosting. Currently one can only get serious Rails hosting at Textdrive. What can we do to promote Rails hosting? Can we use our positions to “persuade” some hosting companies to adopt Rails hosting?

    With that said, I believe that the most important thing is to establish a local Rails group and to elevate communication among Rails interested in Denmark.

    Have a nice evening, and Jesper, Thomas and Jakob I’ll leave it up to you to drink my share of beers :-)

  2. Niels Sandholt Busch Says:

    In response to the hosting issue, I would say that Planet Argon ( is pretty serious about Rails hosting too.

  3. Casper Fabricius Says:

    Again, really sorry I can’t be there and drink some free beer with you guys ;) Maybe you can use this blog I just wrote if you want discuss some the important stuff that came out of RailsConf:

  4. Jakob S Says:

    Casper, be happy that you aren’t coming tonight. I think I might just have had to punch you out of pure jealousy for your trip to Railsconf. I’ll have to settle for punching Jesper and Thomas, I guess, for their trip to the euro one.

    Interesting, Aarhus.rb, never heard of that before. Perhaps there are more Railsheads in Denmark than I thought.

  5. Jakob S Says:

    Which reminds me, do we need nametags tonight? :P

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