Bad Usability Calendar 2008 Open For Proposals

Just a quick note to mention that my friend Eidar and his colleagues at Netlife Research in Norway are now preparing the 2008 version of the Bad Usability Calendar. Please do post your proposals as a bad usability calendar is a perfect wallpaper and I have used it on several occasions for raising awareness about usability in project teams.

Bad usability calendar 2006 screenshot

From this year’s official announcement you can see that this time there are prizes for the best suggestions:

The best idea will get an honorable mention, as well as a numbered limited edition of the 2008 Bad Usability Calendar. All suggestions that make the final cut will get awarded.

More info:

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One Response to “Bad Usability Calendar 2008 Open For Proposals”

  1. Ryan Roberts Says:

    I wrote a blog about js nav menus that you have to carefully move your pointer along to get to page you may want to go to. Here the post with several examples: