Firefox Tip For Framebuster JavaScript

I have for long been struggling with an internal legacy application that wraps the content page in a frameset. Very annoying because I have spent some time to reverse engineer a poor-mans API to the application.

Problem: An inline “reverse” framebuster script that makes sure that everything is nicely(?) wrapped in the frameset. As you see it’s included inline in the HTML.

[code lang=”javascript”]


One thing is I never understood the thing about putting everything in a frameset. In this case, I have not been able to change the code. But as I have to use the application every now and then, the big question is:

How to change or remove the inline JavaScript, and make sure the framebuster is ignored?

I did not think this was possible until I got this answer from “esquifit” in the Greasemonkey user goup:

You do not need GM nor Opera for this task. Firefox comes with a
built-in capability for allowing/disallowing access to
properties/methods of DOM Objects on a per-site basis. It is called
Configurable Security Policies (CAPS) and it is described in [1].
Further examples and explanations are provided for example in [2] and
A short guide assuming the simplest case:
1) Close Firefox
2) Locate your profile folder [4]
3) Locate the file user.js within this folder. If it does not exist,
create it with a *text* editor (Notepad, vim, etc.), not with a ‘word
processor’ (MS Word,, Wordpad, etc.)
4) Add the following lines to user.js:
user_pref(“capability.policy.policynames”, “noframebuster”);
user_pref(“capability.policy.noframebuster.Location.replace”, “noAccess”);
Of course, you will have to replace the domain with the one you want to prevent from redirecting your frames.

Find the entire discussion here:

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