Should a blog have a Privacy Policy?

Digital FootprintsWhen asking a user about personal details you should also tell what you are going to use it for. Basically it’s always good practice to have a privacy policy available on your website so users can see what data is being collected about them, how it is uses etc.

Many cooperate websites have privacy policies. They are long and written in a non-userfriendly language similar to the User Agreements we all approve without reading them when installing software or signing up with online services.

Call me naive, but I thought that we could easily create a more user friendly policy. But I quickly realized that we rely heavily on 3rd-party applications for tracking and storing user data. Our privacy policy is in turn very short, but basically states that you have to read the Google Privacy Policy to really know what happens to your personal data.

Luckily the first Google Privacy Policy you encounter is actually called “Google Privacy Policy Highlights“, and is fairly easy to read and understand. It got links to the complete Google Privacy Policy and deep-links to certain interesting parts.

I’ve added the usual “Privacy Policy” link at the bottom of every page on

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One Response to “Should a blog have a Privacy Policy?”

  1. Jermayn Parker Says:

    I have actually never even thought of that but it makes sense.
    I guess even if it only has a quick one sentence in the footer or below the comment box.