Busy Preparing RailsConf Presentation

For the last days, Mads and myself have been working hard on our RailsConf presentation Tuesday next week.

Railsconf speaker 2007

At the presentation we will introduce a Ruby on Rails plugin that can create the foundation for a local Rails app based on forms scraped from a remote application. In our case, an internal application used for timereporting in Capgemini.

My head is too ful of all the details in the presentation but fact is, that we’re running two trials on the presentation this Thursday the 13th in our Capgemini office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Let me know if you are interested in hearing the presentation. Readers of this blog are welcome, but make sure to contact me or call me in advance if you like to participate.

More info

Public test presentations Thursday Sept. 13th at 12.15 and 16.00 at the Capgemini office in Gentofte, Copenhagen Denmark. Call me in advance (+45 2373 6220) or via the contact form if you like to attend.

Justaddwater.dk: RailsConf Talk Accepted: Prototyping, Hacking Enterprise Legacy Applications

Railsconf Europe session info: Screenscraping as a Tool for Changing the (Legacy) World

Reform plugin website (where you can download presentation, submit bugs, checkout code, add documentation).

UPDATE 2007-09-18 with new URL to Reform plugin: reform.quickanddirty.dk (we moved to our Capgemini server for prototype projects: quickanddirty.dk )

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4 Responses to “Busy Preparing RailsConf Presentation”

  1. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    Wireds "How to rock the podium" comes in just in time:

    1. Don’t read a speech. Write out bullet points on index cards and practice elaborating extemporaneously on each one. Focus on the transitions. Be sure to number your cards in case you drop them.

    2. Videotape yourself practicing the presentation. Note awkward body language, stilted movements, and annoying verbal tics. OK. Now stop doing that.

    3. Don’t read from PowerPoint slides like they’re cue cards. If you must use them, keep the text short (two words and a picture).

    4. Don’t use the conference’s Net connection for your demo. It’s embarrassing to stand on stage whining, “Everyone please stop using the Net!” Turn your demo into screenshots or bring an EVDO card for your own high-speed connection.

    5. Don’t rely on the event’s A/V setup, either. To play an audio clip, try holding your mike up to your laptop’s speaker.

    6. Use your Q&A time wisely. Field the big-picture queries while you’re onstage and deal with the minutiae offline.

    Not sure we can do much about the annoying ticks of nervousness, though, but let’s see after Tuesday

  2. justaddwater.dk | RailsConf Europe 2007 Recap Says:

    […] Justaddwater.dk: Busy Preparing RailsConf Presentation […]

  3. Arno Nyhm Says:

    the reform website is gone? where i get the source code?

  4. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    @arno thanks for letting us know. We recently changed the server setup. Now I have re-enabled the URL reform.quickanddirty.dk