Spam Commenters Are Wasting Brainpower

Imagine the amount of collective brainpower idiotic spammers waste on creative ideas for new ways to get past spam filters.

This one was caught in the moderation queue (and would probably be caught with Akismet otherwise). For entertainment purposes, here is the text I recieved:

Anikrichard | | | IP:

hello , my name is Richard and I know you get a lot of spammy comments ,
I can help you with this problem . I know a lot of spammers and I will ask them not to post on your site. It will reduce the volume of spam by 30-50% .In return Id like to ask you to put a link to my site on the index page of your site. The link will be small and your visitors will hardly notice it , its just done for higher rankings in search engines. Contact me icq 454528835 or write me tedirectory(at) , i will give you my site url and you will give me yours if you are interested. thank you


However, I think the best one Idiot spammers found by Donncha O Caoimh:

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Remember the Seti project, where you could make your computer processor available for other projects when you’re not using the computer. We could probably eliminate global warming and poverty in a few weeks. Find a cure to cancer, Ebola and AIDS before christmas if we could just tab into spam commenters brains. What a waste of brainpower:)

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4 Responses to “Spam Commenters Are Wasting Brainpower”

  1. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    Current Akismet spamcount :

    Akismet has caught 331,269 spam for you since you first installed it.

    (caught in our blog in approx. 20 months, which averages 511 spam comments each day)


  2. Jermayn Parker Says:

    Some of the spams you get are quite amazing and funny to be real honest! I agree such a shame that they dont use their minds for better things..

  3. Jens Meiert Says:

    “Anikrichard” isn’t lazy … found that comment so great, I actually kept it. (Though I neutralized the URL.)

  4. | Announcement: Spam Filter Free Day Says:

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