Actual Browser Sizes (final)

The numbers are in! Jesper first asked the question in “Design for Browser Size — Not Screen Size” and quickly after Thomas Baekdal of took up the challenge. After publishing his preliminary results he have now unveiled the final report:

The report finds, among other things, that the majority of people browse maximized or very close to it. That Mac user have bigger screens, but their browser are the same size as on any other platform. And, in order to support 95% of your visitors, you need to design for a maximum size of 776x424px.

Actual Browser Sizes – The Movie

Thomas Baekdal also produced a short movie explaining how this enormous feat was achieved. It’s a fun and interesting watch – even for the non-geeky of us. Let’s just say that a lot of monkeys would make all our life’s easier ;)

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5 Responses to “Actual Browser Sizes (final)”

  1. Håkan Reis Says:

    I got similar results from my, highly un-scientific, research. It landed close to 800-900 witdth but around 900 height.

    One question though, is the width from the fact that most sites are best viewed at 800 width or is it that it works out best at that resolution? Maybe with better flowing column layouts that adapt to wider viewing this would change.

    Currently most sites are either unreadable at greater widths or they just show a big band of white space in full size.

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  4. KAVodov Says:

    stast of different display resolutions (its global stats):

    1024×768 45.4%

    1280×1024 28.7%

    1280×800 8.4%

    800×600 5.0%

    1152×864 3.9%

    1440×900 2.1%

    other 1.8%

    1680×1050 1.4%

    1400×1050 0.9%

    240×320 0.7%

    1600×1200 0.7%

    1920×1200 0.3%

    640×480 0.1%

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