UI Conf: Josh Porter on recommendation engines

[Jesper’s note: It will be interesting to see how this maps to Jakob Nielsen’s old ideas about reputation managers.]

Josh Porter presenting
Netflix example:

Wall-Mart went head to head with Netflix and lost. They are now linking to Netflix

* 4 million subscribers 10 months ago
* 60,000 titles, 40,000 of which are rented every day
* 2/3 of movies rented come from recommendations

The movies we recommend generate more satisfaction than (new releases)

– Neil Hunt, Netflix chief product officer

Collaborative filtering

Example with 5 users
1. Look for people with similar habits
2. Choose the best fiter. In this case, user 3
3. Find differences in best filter
4. Those difference become best filter

Netflix recommendation engine contest
* Giving a huuuge user database
* Improve recommendation by 10%
* in one week a team came up with a suggestion that was better

Implicit or Explicit behavior

Implicit data: Not a rating.
Example: LastFM where user don’t rate, but just watching what what music you play.

Implicit is everything behavioral data.

Explicit behaviour is when you demonstrate preference

Pandora’s Music recommendations
Hired musical experts and recorded small facets of the music.
Not a personalized recommendation system. Music based system recommendation from musical elements

Audience at Josh Porter's presentation

Tivo (movie recommendation) thinks I’m Gay
* Basil Iwanyk
* he started watching “guy stuff” like war movies
* tivo started recommending documentaries on The Third Reich
* Queer eye for the straight guy
* Later this became an episode of King of Queens

So, recommendation engines are not perfect.

Customers who bought (clothes) also wear:
* clean underwear

Changed to
Customers who wear clothes also shop for:
* clean underwear

Wall-Mart put in a recommendation system last year
* planet of the apes
* recommended a martin luther king video

Still have not put recommendations back on site.

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