Inform the user about the differences

I just thought I would share a good experience I had today :)

Many websites today are divided into sections – some even exist in different versions that the user has to choose from.

If you visit the Dell website (and many others!) you are asked to make a choice of whether you are shopping for items for “Home & Home Office”, “Small Business”, “Medium & Large Business” or “Government, Education & Healthcare”. I’ve always found this choice frustrating. Not that I don’t know the size of my company, but if I click on “Small Business”, will I then only be presented with a select list of computers or do I get to chose from their whole stock?

In situations like the one I just described above it would be nice if the user could have access to a short description of the differences between the different versions or sections. BBC does this very nice on describing its different versions

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One Response to “Inform the user about the differences”

  1. Hemanshu Says:

    A very interesting observation… I might blog about this too, after a little bit of research :)