Justaddwater.dk December 2005 Statistics

Better late then never… In the spirit of sharing here is our statistics for December 2005. We have as usual filtered out our own hits, so these numbers should show only “real” readers. Enjoy :)


We still get about a quarter of our hits from news feed readers (RSS, Atom, etc.). The issue with these kinds of hits is of cause still that we can’t really check if one feed hit equals one active reader. And as I wrote in the November 2005 statistics:

On-top of that I would imagine that news aggregators checks for updates every x minutes – even if there is none – so that adds to the total as well.

Browser Versions

Our users are almost split 50/50 when it comes to the choice between Internet Explorer from Microsoft or the open source Firefox browser from Mozilla. Besides those two only Safari by Apple (= Mac users) is worth noticing:
Browser Versions, December 2005
Browser Versions, December 2005 – Source: Google Analytics

And now some numbers…

Total visits: 496
Total unique visitors: 353 (8.78% returning)
Average visits per day: 13.42
Average pageviews per visit: 2.44
Dropout procentage on the front page: 30.26%

We span the globe even more

The tendency of last month is the same. Our core audience goes from being primarily Scandinavian to now being the whole world. This includes most of Europe, Asia and America, though I haven’t seen a single hit from Russia yet.

Geographical reader location, December 2005
Geographical reader location, December 2005 – Source: Google Analytics

It helps to get noticed…

As you can see in the graph below certain days stand out from the crowd – especially Friday the 16th and Monday the 19th. This was due to our most prominent visitor to date: Jakob Nielsen. After he posted a comment in the “Where to find usability test videos” article our boss send out an internal e-mail to all in Capgemini Denmark referring to the article.

Visits and Pageviews, December 2005
Visits and Pageviews, December 2005 – Source: Google Analytics

Other graphs

Here is a bunch of other graphs that might be of interest.

Visits by New and Returning, December 2005
Visits by New and Returning, December 2005 – Source: Google Analytics

Visits by Source, December 2005
Visits by Source, December 2005 – Source: Google Analytics

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4 Responses to “Justaddwater.dk December 2005 Statistics”

  1. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    Francois Nonnenmacher (Capgemini corporate webmaster) published his 2005 statistics recently. Just thought I’d post a link: http://padawan.info/weblog/some_statistics_for_this_blog_in_2005.html

    The audience has been growing well month after month, the best one being December 2005 with 266,713 pages, 489,106 hits, 44,802 unique hosts, 212,312 visits and 4.7GB of data served (from my two blogs aggregated). My English blog home page currently runs at 1,698 views/day and the French home page at 1,984 views/day and both aggregated attract a daily average of 6,371 visits, 14,633 hits, 7,666 page views, 3,021 downloads (mainly RSS feeds which currently run at a daily 1,776 hits for the French posts, 884 hits for the English posts and 302 hits for the linksblog).

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  3. Thomas Watson Steen Says:

    I just found this very interesting comment on a Slashdot article:

    There’s a famous statistic on browser usage [w3schools.com] at w3schools.com, which is a decidedly pro-Microsoft site. They have Firefox at close to 25% in recent months, and they were quick to add a comment that this is probably not representative, because w3schools visitors are likely quite interested in the technology and likely to try out alternatives to the browser that comes installed with their operating system. Interesting, though, that most of those who do try it out seem to stick with it…

    Source: http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=174253&cid=14494496 from the post Firefox Usage Climbing In Europe.

    We must have some VERY technical users here at justaddwater.dk ;)

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