Firefox keyboard secret shortcut to remove text from page

Do you use Firefox? Accidentally I discovered this keyboard shortcut.
CTRL + SHIFT + double-click on some text.
The text dissapears! It seems to work on ordinary text, no links.

I searched Google, I looked in LeslieFranke firefox cheatsheet. Couldn’t find anything on it. Is this a bug or a feature?

Last month, Justaddwater users were split equally between Firefox and Internet Explorer, which means half of you can see this little odd behaviour.

Oddly enough, when I start up Firefox in safe mode, the doubleclick only does what a normal doubleclick does: Select a word.

The technical babble: I use Firefox 1.5 on windows XP servicepack 2.

I’ve currently installed these active extensions: Adblock, CuteMenus – Crystal SVG, Html Validator 0.7.7, IE View Lite 1.1, Screen grab! 0.6, Adblock Filterset.G Updater 0.2.7, Live HTTP Headers 0.11.

I’ve disabled these extensions: FireFTP 0.90.1, OperaView 0.4, View Cookies 1.5, Web Developer 1.0, Console2 0.3.1, Performancing 1.0.1.

UPDATE: As I researched for this post, I found out that the extension Adblock is responsible for this little easter egg. So you can only see this if you’ve installed Adblock and enabled the extension.

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2 Responses to “Firefox keyboard secret shortcut to remove text from page”

  1. Michael Bothager Says:

    Upon reading this, I tried do replicate it, and forgot to press the CTRL-key. Lo and behold, it works without the CTRL-key. So it is only SHIFT + double-click which hides the text.

  2. Joshua Freislich Says:

    it works on images as well, but the space remains “reserved”. Try pressing ctrl+A to “select all” after an image is removed.

    Oh, and this little gem is still a “hidden feature” of adblock. 03 August 2007!