10 Places You Must Use Ajax (by Alex Bosworth)

It’s now officially annoying to use web apps that haven’t replaced clunky html functionality with peppy Ajax goodness.

Alex Bosworth has ten bullets in his gun. Ajax — JavaScript updates without page reloads — sets higher standards for a responsive, interactive webapplication. Faster response-times, less page reloads makes it easier for a user to focus on a task.

  1. Form driven interaction
  2. Deep hierarchical tree navigation
  3. Rapid user-to-user communication
  4. Voting, Yes/No boxes, Ratings submissions
  5. Filtering and involved data manipulation
  6. Commonly entered text hints/autocompletion

I wonder why he says ten things — list is only six items. Anyway, I think it’s an excellent list. Now, go read Alex’s blog post. See ya later !

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3 Responses to “10 Places You Must Use Ajax (by Alex Bosworth)”

  1. Piotr Says:

    Its a great list.. If applied correctly they can make for a great user experience…

  2. Don Says:

    We just developed an AJAX photo album that works great, its complete with administrative login for upload as well. Other projects are on the way!

  3. Jason Says:

    Very cool! I may give you a call to inquire about that photo album of yours.