Sell More: Add Next Steps To Your Status Messages

Sometimes, when doing web development, we forget that not everybody are as familiar with the web jargon as ourselves.

This example from Pixum (internet photo developer) shows a good detail:


The status message from Pixum gives immediate feedback that makes it easy to go to next step

Note that the status message contains a link to the shopping basket to provide easy way to purchase. This design decision will probably decrease number of abandoned shopping carts.

Important lessons:

Provide help where users need it — not hidden in help windows where people only go when they give up using your app.

Make sure that the most important action is the most visible on page at the current time. No need to visually hint the shopping basket until there is something in it.

7 Responses to “Sell More: Add Next Steps To Your Status Messages”

  1. Redmond carpet cleaning Says:

    This really makes sense, it is really frustrating using a website that makes you guess what to do next or where to go.

  2. Gerard Says:

    Usability is one of the main feature of websites. I visited many sites where it was quite hard to find necessary info in spite of great web-design.

  3. Maracas Says:

    Having written my own shopping cart, I am always looking for ways to make it more user friendly. This is a good tip, my design takes the user to the cart page when they add to basket. I’m sure there are tonnes of other things I could improve on though.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Yeah, I have confusion over a complicated website since I’m not to familiar with online shop. I was browsing one site few months ago and asked directly to the seller to send me the goods. He told me to do procedures as explained on his site, but I said that his online shop is too complicated…so he sent my stuff finally…hahaha…

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  5. adt Says:

    Testing, Testing, Testing…that should never stop when you are running a ecommerce site. You should always be trying to improve your page conversions. The efforts do pay off. Thanks for the great post.

  6. Scotch Pine Tree Says:

    I was just on a site yesterday and had this happen, I added something to my cart and saw nothing, not even a view cart button until I searched for it. Were to these people get these crappy e-commerce systems from?

  7. personal statement Says:

    I really appreciate these tips. Adding the next steps to your status message is a great way to provide directions especially to first-time online buyers.