Busy Not Updating Blog

Justaddwater.dk has suffered very infrequent updates for a long period of time. Actually a lot is going on both for Thomas and me — but our activities seldom make it to this blog. Here is an update of what has been keeping us busy.

Thomas and his new company

Since Thomas Watson quit Capgemini nearly two years ago, he uses nearly of his time on their startup “3D Byggeri Danmark” (creating digital product catalog and other online tools for the construction business).

Also, Thomas has been very active in our Copenhagen Ruby community where we often get an insight in the architecture of the stuff they have been building.

Furthermore, he is currently available for contract work — I’m sure he’ll post a short note about it soon.

Jespers second child

September 16th my wife gave birth to our second child, Oscar. A wonderful smiling baby — just as lovely an charming as his big brother. I’m usually posting photos and tiny video clips for the rest of the family to enjoy. This has higher priority than updating the blog here.

Familien foran døbefonten

Oscar had a habit of keeping us awake at night (screamed a lot in a period of time). So this of course affects the updates on this blog, because I used to write posts in the evening.

Far og OscarSe min søde lillebrorVågnet fra lurOscar og MorSkriger

Next: All the stuff we didn’t write about

Shortly I will follow up on this by writing some of the stuff i wanted to tell but never got time to write about. My Macbook Air experience, a followup on the Amitech harddisk recorder, and more.

Of course this is no excuse for not updating the blog — but I’m sure it will give a better understanding of why it is difficult for us finding time to blog here.

4 Responses to “Busy Not Updating Blog”

  1. Angela Says:

    Congratulations on the addition to your family! I still don’t have that mullet thingy figured out for my blog but I will try to get a friend who knows all about blogs to help me. Gotta love that photo of Oscar screaming in his crib.

  2. Victor Says:

    We also have an addition to our family, it’s my sister’s son who just turned a month old yesterday.

  3. Link Degisimi Says:

    We also have an addition to our family, it’s my sister’s son who just turned a month old yesterday.

  4. Oyun Says:

    Very usefull information. Thx admin.