Plugin for Rails’s Resource Controller

If you’re using Resource Controller for Ruby on Rails, you may want to look atthe plugin I just created.

From the readme file:


Extends ResourceController plugin for Rails to make it respond_to .xml and .json formats

Based on code by Florent Piteau and Joe Fiorini… Jesper merely provided the glue and packed as plugin.
See resource controller forum thread for the complete discussion

Copyright (c) 2008 Jesper Rønn-Jensen (, released under the MIT license

More info:
resource_controller_respond_to plugin on GitHub

resource_controller on GitHub

2 Responses to “Plugin for Rails’s Resource Controller”

  1. Fat Jim Says:

    Thanks for sharing with us your new plugin.

  2. Atul Says:

    Can you please explain me what is resources controllers.
    i saw in many ruby files “resource_controller_for : what it is ?