Webdesign Tutorial by Rap Video

Learning web design by a hiphop video is really neat.

Four years ago we had the usability rap (along with the excellent gangsta-style cartoons from the OK/Cancel guys):

Jakob Nielsen and Jared Spool - gangsta style okcancel20040206

(the mp3 file with the actual rap seems to have disappeared… could anybody point me to a working link?)

Now there is this even cooler rap. Web design tutorial by Poetic Prophet (AKA The SEO Rapper). This one is called “Design Coding”.

I wonder where is there a transscript of the rap, search engine optimized?Update: Molly Holzschlag posted entire transscript (thanks Phil Nash for mentioning).

Make sure you also check out the other videos like “Link Building 101 Rap” and “Do the Page Rank”.

Hmm i feel like sneaking a movie clip into a presentation at work in the near future…

39 Responses to “Webdesign Tutorial by Rap Video”

  1. Phil Nash Says:

    I believe Molly Holzshlag has the transcript from when she posted it here: http://www.molly.com/2008/04/07/design-coding-rap-for-the-rest-of-us/

    I loved it too!

  2. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:


    Thanks for bringing me up to date with this, and thanks for the link to Mollys post with transscript :)

  3. henriette weber andersen Says:

    wonderful – thanks =) it’s amazing how art/tech comes hand in hand together =)

  4. Jan Says:

    Yea, love that Rap too. We had it on IA TV a while ago. So cool :) …

  5. Matthew Oliphant Says:

    Here’s the link to Tom and Kevin’s rap:

    We Got It

  6. Webdesigner Says:

    This Video is very Cool ! lg Webdesinger

  7. aşkı memnu Says:

    wonderful – thanks =) it’s amazing..

  8. EmoTurkiye Says:

    Cool video :D

  9. kocaeli etkinlikleri Says:

    wonderful – thanks =) it’s amazing how art/tech comes hand in hand together =)

  10. Burçlar Says:

    Cool video thank you

  11. elektrik Says:

    Thanks for bringing me up to date with this, and thanks for the link to Mollys post with transscript :)

  12. Cihad Says:

    Thank You.
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  13. Link Building Says:

    That video he made turned out to be one of the best SEO techniques ever… It’s still on top of the Google rankings for “link building!” I guess he really knows what he’s doing!

  14. Danca Tercüme Says:

    Yea, love that Rap too. We had it on IA TV a while ago…

  15. Markedsføring på Internett Says:

    This a great example on how successful Internet marketing should be done :-)

  16. VHS to DVD Says:

    Very good video and useful information in it. Pretty much sums up seo in 3 minutes. Now if we can only get him to do all the work too.

  17. Rap Artists Says:

    Haha, I love rap, and this was an interesting rendition. All about SEO baby :)

  18. SEO Ibiza Says:

    haha very funny but what do you think his conversion rates are like?

    ranking without converting, is like a broken pencil…


    *courtesy Blackadder 1986*

  19. Blog Tips Says:

    Ha ha. Wow. That was some funny stuff. Great video. Thanks.

  20. Güzel Sözler Says:

    A lot of thanks

  21. Rap Says:

    wonderful – thanks =) it’s amazing how art/tech comes hand in hand together =)

  22. Kraloyun Says:

    Hey man. Thats my teacher lol :)

  23. Kryptik Says:

    Hahaha, I think I just found how I’m going to do my learning from now on. Good stuff. Big props for this, instant book mark.

  24. Tim Penny Says:

    This is pretty cool. Google loves video…smart marketers are using this to their advantage!

  25. Entaprise Entertainment Says:

    This is hilarious. My CEO comes over, says he’s from Texas, and walks away. Doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I didn’t know that search engines don’t like tables! But they crawl myspace all the time…MySpace is loaded with tables.

    Tru dat wit da css files. Something I’ve gotta clean up, too. Same goes for javascript, too. I’m not sure he mentioned that. Keep your javascript of your page, too. It’s confusing for humans, nevermind search bots.

    Devin T.
    President of Internet & Design

  26. Anthony Gianfrancesco - Harlem 6 Says:

    I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time. Finally something entertaining when I’m searching about SEO. Needs video work, maybe a Cadillac and a giant pool.

  27. Entaprise Entertainment Says:

    Haha, word. Maybe some rings on his fingers and some dimes on each side doing their thang. SEO is sexy, right?

  28. kotatsu Says:

    This video is SOOOO fine!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is great :)

  29. PJ Says:

    Hey Jesper..first time visitor here man..this post combines two of my favorite things: rap and web development..loved it! Lacks in one thing though: not enough bling!

  30. Vintage Fountain Pens Says:

    Thats one awesome video. I never thought rap would be a part of the process for web development! But hey, after seeing this I believe anything is possible! I’m sure many people will fancy this! thanks for posting..

  31. Ryan v. Says:

    Absolutely love this video. I kept waiting for him to stumble and say something incorrect or cheesy, but it just didn’t happen. Lol absolutely great.

    Thank you!

    Ryan v – Dempsey Graphics Las vegas web design

  32. kang ibe Says:

    this is unique video design coding with hip hop. something new i found.
    thanks for you

  33. konferens aarongetler Says:

    Excellent video, really had a lot of important stuff said out even though it had to come out in a rap :D love the interpretation though, very creative, would love to see more of this kinda rap!

  34. Lasse - Engagers Says:

    A funny and different approach, indeed. Could use a bit of angel shifting perhaps spiced with a bit of Jørgen Klevin style communication.

  35. New Jersey Hot Water Heater Says:

    Well the youth of today love rap music. Maybe we should start teaching math and history with rap.

  36. New Jersey Hot Water Heater Says:

    This is great!

  37. Tents Says:

    Great video. Love it. My eyes were glued to the screen from the begging to the end. Very funny. Keep them coming. lol
    Cheers mate !

  38. Maulana Says:

    Thanks for sharing, really helpful for me :)

  39. Eugen Says:

    wow … great way to learn. Really helpful post, thanks!