Selling Ruby, Rails, and Agile Project Management

My colleague Mads and myself made an internal “sales show” for the way we use Ruby on Rails to deliver web projects that are fast, small, agile prototypes in close collaboration with clients.

Here are a few photos from our internal Capgemini kickoff:

Mads and the fountains
The sign says “Test yourself: Project manager — can you handle it”. Purpose: Show the difference between waterfall-like project management (left) and a more holistic approach (the fountain on the right)

Jesper and Mads
Me and Mads at our presentation booth just before people arrive

Mads demoing and explaining

UPDATE: Added the following photos taken by Tobias
Our presentation booth from above

Mads demoing and explaining

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2 Responses to “Selling Ruby, Rails, and Agile Project Management”

  1. john schmidt Says:

    What materials are open for review?

  2. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:


    for now, we only use the material internally in Capgemini — and most material is in Danish. However, I would like this to be public accessible as well in some form. We can show some of the client cases and stories…

    But the written material is merely supporting the “exibition” we made. The fountains, the project brownpaper in the back, the banana palms and orchids were also part of that exhibition.