Speed House Building Video, Teamwork and Collaboration

You may know this video, where American construction workers compete to build a house as fast as possible.

Colleagues of mine showed this video at a 50-60 people workshop for inspiration to teamwork and collaboration.

I was really amazed when I first saw this video. It seems chaotic but is of course well prepared down to the tiniest detail. Also, it reminds me a bit like small ants running around.

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2 Responses to “Speed House Building Video, Teamwork and Collaboration”

  1. Peter Krantz Says:

    Interesting video! Now, try to do it again but with a blueprint sketched on a napkin…

  2. Nancy Yelm Says:

    If this could be applied on a large scale I wonder how we might transform the world for the better. and not just to housing. Why couldn’t it be applied to many different things? I see no reason. Funny I am getting butterflys in the pit of my stomach. Who knows maybe I will be the one. Thank you.