1996 Humour Ahead: Spacer.gif, Table Layouts

In case you missed it, Dustin Diaz has written this excellent parody on what the hottest web techniques were like before webstandards and css were invented.
Seven hottest web 1.0 techniques to trick out your webpage.

2) Animation without JavaScript

Believe it! It’s true. Drop those old scripts that made your website scroll and blink because why bother programming JavaScript when plain ‘ol HTML can do it for you! These are the ever-so-beloved <blink> and <marquee> tags.

blink and marquee

<blink>Sale! Sale! Sale! Buy now and save big!</blink>

<marquee>Welcome welcome welcome! Today is the beginning of the end, buy now!</marquee>

Fabulous humour, just the way I like it :). Especially I love the hit counter:

Hits today

Oh and by the way, did you know who invented the spacer.gif?

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3 Responses to “1996 Humour Ahead: Spacer.gif, Table Layouts”

  1. Urzeit Standards: das SPACER-Element - sprungmarker Says:

    […] das im Artikel “Seven hottest web 1.0 techniques to trick out your webpage” (via justaddwater.dk) gefundene Beispiel sei der Satire zu verdanken. Dort wurde empfohlen, statt des Spacer-GIFs doch […]

  2. Chan Elson Says:

    Sadly, the hit counter is still employed by many today. Poor, pitiful souls. :)