Blue Beanie Day – A day for Web Standards and Accessibility

Designing With Web Standards cover photo

I just got an event invitation on Facebook asking me to join “Blue Beanie Day“. Two questions quickly popped into my head:

  1. What is a Blue Beanie?
  2. Where do I get one?

If you are into web standards and accessibility you have already seen a blue beanie on the cover of Jeffery Zeldman’s great book “Designing With Web Standards“. A must-have for any web developer – both amateurs and professionals. You can see the cover here to the right.

The point of the event is to, on the 26th of November, wear a blue beanie when you go to work, to school, ride the subway, walk your dog at the local park, anywhere… This is your way of saying: Web Standards matter! Accessibility matter! This is your chance to raise awareness on this sometimes forgotten subject of web development.

Join now!

And add a picture of yourself on Flickr afterwards.

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One Response to “Blue Beanie Day – A day for Web Standards and Accessibility”

  1. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    Make sure you read Matthew Oliphant’s brilliant interview with the Blue Beanie. Hillarious :)

    head shot of Matthew Oliphant