Humorous Vista Features (from The Onion)

The Onion has a humorous feature list from Microsoft Vista in the recent issue:

Microsoft Vista Released

Microsoft released its new operating system, Vista, on Jan. 30. Here are some of its features:

Microsoft Vista Released

  • Microsoft Word’s helpful paper-clip icon now blinks at rate of normal humans
  • Enhanced graphics on “System Is Not Responding” pop-up window
  • Five new card-back designs for Solitaire
  • Something that Apple would never, ever dream up in a billion years
  • 4,391 security flaws to be patched over next 15 years
  • Promise of broad, open-minded future or some bullshit
  • Lists blocked wireless connections with greater speed and accuracy
  • New operating system, same old Microsoft Paint

What are your best feature list (be imaginative and humorous)?

Geegish web standards side note: Actually, the HTML for creating the bulleted list in the original The Onion article is a <div class="bulleted"> with nested <p> elements. Why are they angry with a standard unordered list?

Bonus link: Another fabulous The Onion piece: Google Announces Plan To Destroy All Information It Can’t Index (from August 2005).

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