Danish Newspaper Interview: Capgemini on Rails

Thomas and I are interviewed in Danish newspaper “Børsen” today. The article is a 10,000 feet business overview on the productivity gains and possibilities with Ruby on Rails.

I really like the picture (by Reimar Juul) and the fact that the article mentions both Justaddwater.dk and Copenhagen Ruby Brigade. Woot!

Screenshot of Børsen article
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For the benefit of the Danish speaking readers, I really want to include the entire text from the article here to make it searchable and quotable for the benefit of everybody who is also interested in Ruby on Rails for enterprise use. Currently I’m awaiting permission from Børsen to include the article here. Also, I’m awaiting a direct link to the Børsen article if you like to read it in it’s original domain.

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4 Responses to “Danish Newspaper Interview: Capgemini on Rails”

  1. Luis Villa Says:

    Hey! That’s Great! Congratulations Jesper & Thomas! :-)

  2. Robert Bialek Says:

    I am happy that Rails is gaining in popularity :)

    We have ourselves chosen to develop our P2P lending platform, FairRates.dk, in Rails. It turned out to be the right decision :)

    Because Rails allows to create applications with very little code that is easy to glance, it facilitates agile approach, where one can continuously introduce new features and modifications. Similar flexibility with Java or .NET technologies would be much more expensive. Of course Rails also has some weaknesses, such as still poor tool-support for debugging. Those weaknesses, however, are minor compared to its strengths as simplicity, easiness of use, and good design.

    I hope that popularity of Rails will bring us more tools and make us even more productive.

  3. FairRates.dk Blog Says:

    Popularitet af Ruby on Rails vokser…

    Vi har udviklet FairRates.dk i Ruby on Rails frameworket, lavet af en dansker David Heinemeier Hannson.
    Til vores glæde, flere og flere udviklere begynder at interessere sig for Rails. For nyligt er der i Børsen udkommet et interview med Jesper and …

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