Blog Usability: Our Most Popular Content

At Justaddwater, we’re introducing a new category: “Best of Justaddwater“. Alexander, the Chief Happiness Officer, came up with a “best of”-category, that I think any blog could benefit from. Absolutely a brilliant idea.

At the moment, we want this to completely replace our experiment with a wordpress plugin for measuring popular posts. (Popularity Contest has a number of bugs that skew the popularity numbers for us). The manual work required for estimating what content is popular is OK with us, as long as it gives a better user experience for you, dear reader.

I’m sure that this can improve user experience of our blog and make the most interesting stuff easier to find. Some of the highlights that might be of interest to you:

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2 Responses to “Blog Usability: Our Most Popular Content”

  1. Alexander Kjerulf Says:

    Thanks for the kind words – I’m glad you liked the idea of a “best of” category.

    For one thing, as you write, stats can be skewed, but more than that there may not be a complete overlap between the best posts on a blog and the most popular ones.

    That’s why I put all the posts I’m most proud of in the “best of” category and promote that, rather than the most read posts.

  2. Jesper Rønn-Jensen Says:

    Hi Alex.
    “The posts I’m most proud of”. I really like that expression.