Office 2007 User Interface – Complete Overview

Jensen Harris who’s the Group Manager of the Microsoft Office User Experience Team has for the past year been blogging about the new and exiting user interface of upcoming Office 2007.

The new user interface is a complete redesign of the old Office that users have been accustomed to for years. I’ve taken the liberty of borrowing a few screen shots from Jensen Harris:

Microsoft Office Excel 2003 vs. 2007 - Thumbnail
(Click to enlarge)

Now that Office 2007 is finally finished and over 200 blog posts later he gives you a guided tour around the vast amount of posts in the archive. He have created an index called “The Office 2007 UI Bible” containing all the posts, nicely indexed and grouped into the following groups:

  • Why a New UI for Office 2007?
  • Overview of the New UI
  • Ribbon UI Elements
  • The Size of the Ribbon, Screen Real-Estate, Ribbon Scaling, and Minimization
  • Migrating to Office 2007
  • UI Themes and Visuals
  • Keyboard Control of the Ribbon
  • New Fonts for Office 2007
  • Customizing Office 2007 (Add-ins, RibbonX)
  • From First Sketches to the Final Design
  • Design Tenets
  • Design Ponderings
  • An Inside Look Into UI Design, Usability, Development and Testing at Microsoft
  • Office Themes
  • New Features in Office 2007 Involving the New UI
  • Miscellaneous
  • The Office 2007 UI team

If you visit his site you’ll see title-links to each post under each group.

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