UI Conf: Jeffrey Eisenberg on Top activities of Design & Usability Teams

From UI 11 Conference, Cambridge, Boston October 10, 2006.

I’m sitting in on Jeffrey Eisenbergs sample presentation, which is a compressed version of yesterdays all-day talk. He started off with an example from godaddy.com

Godaddy spent 5 million this year buying airtime for a superbowl commercial.
TV commercial: hopefully this direct link works. (Otherwise choose “superbowl 2006” and enter access password to start).

* Commercial ends with “There is more at godaddy.com”
* 1100% increased traffic on homepage
* 35% increased sales
“I’m not saying this doesn’t work, I’m just saying there is some money left on the table”

This is justified by a godaddy.com webpage where there is no obvious clues for where to find “more at godaddy.com”. It turns out that superbowl related commercial is well hidden. At that time there was a tiny orange link “tv commercials” off the epicenter of the page.

3 clicks away (if youre able to find the most direct path) is the superbowl commercial. The girl on the godaddy homepage is definately not theh godaddy girl.

Very good point that there’s money left on the table. Jeff shows a 30 second modification of the homepage now with a photo of the godaddy girl and a punchline “There’s more …[of the godaddy girl]”.

Other highlights

A hyperlink should contain an imperative word + the benefit people get when they click

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